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 A Time Honored Tradition

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We are dedicated to our tradition of memorializing lives with dignity and compassion for over 140 years.

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In concert with our tradition, we believe that you decide how to tell your or your loved one's life story.

Whether sculpted in marble, carved in granite, cast in bronze, or reflected in a garden, our courteous staff will assist you in determining how you want to be remembered.

Cemetery Lots and Services

All prices are effective as of January 1, 2013

Cemetery Lots

Many Lots are Currently Available
Single Grave Lot  (4' x 10') $550.00
Burial options: One burial per grave; or
  2 cremains (ashes) per grave; or
  one vaulted and one cremains per grave.
Single Baby Lot (2.5' x 5') $250.00
(Specified site for baby burials)  
Burial options: One burial per grave; or,
  2 cremains (ashes) per grave.
* Includes $35.00 Permanent Maintenance allocation and $5.00 vanalism fee.

Foundation Pricing for Monuments and Markers

Foundations for all upright monuments, installed by cemetery maintenance force ONLY, shall be no less than the width and length of the base of the monument and shall be poured in concrete to a depth no less than the full depth of the grave or its equivalent if rock conditions exist.

Per square inch $0.75
Minimum fee $150.00


Hours of Burial: 9 AM to 3 PM

Interments: Vaulted $550.00
  Infant $250.00
  Cremated Remains $550.00
Disinterment   $650.00
Disinterment and Re-interment $1,000.00
Extra Charges  
  Weekends/Holidays $200.00

Winter burials - An additional charge may be made for snow removal or penetration of frost based on the additional costs to the cemetery pursuant to Section 1509(d) of the non-for-profit corporation law.