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Historic Gravestones

Gravestone of Zanetta Vandervoort

Zanetta Vandervoort
wife of Peter Vandervoort
Died Oct. 15, 1837
Aged 22 years

Gravestone of Phebe Archer

Phebe Archer
Wife of Martin Archer
Died March 9, 1842
Aged 39y

Andrew J. Greene

Andrew J. Greene
Co B 10th NY H. Art.
1835 - 1913

History of the Adams State Road Cemetery

The Early History

First Baptist Church at Honeyville, NYAlthough little is known about the earliest history of the cemetery, it most likely started as a small family burial ground and for at least 30 years was associated with the Adams First Baptist Church, which was founded in Honeyville in 1802.

In 1835 Elijah Harris donated half an acre of land to the State Road Baptist Society (Adams First Baptist Church at Honeyville). This parcel of land was likely used by the Church for the interment of many of its members and was referred to as the Honeyville Cemetery. Two years later, the present day Church was constructed at the intersection of Route 177 and Fuller Road.

The Adams State Road Cemetery Association

The Adams State Road Cemetery Association was formed September 17, 1868. Shortly after the formation of the Association, the Board of Trustees secured the half an acre of land which had been donated to the First Baptist Church at Honeyville. Since then the cemetery has grown and today encompasses 3 acres. Concurrent with the formation of the Association, the cemetery was renamed from the Honeyville Cemetery to the Adams State Road Cemetery.

The Cemetery - A Travel Through Time

Gravestones of VeteransInterments in the cemetery mirror both the growth and the history of Jefferson County. The earliest reported burial was in 1808; however, the first documented burial was Richard Otis who was interred on October 18, 1824. In 1878, association records recorded the total number of interments as 975. This number has grown over the years and as of 2006, the total number of known burials was approximately 1,500.

The cemetery is the final resting place of many early settlers of this area, veterans of the Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, and World Wars I and II. It is also the final resting place of the parents, brother and sister of Henry Keep, philanthropist and one
of Jefferson County's most prominent citizens. A complete list of surnames
found in the cemetery is available on our Surname page.

Visiting The Cemetery

The Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk daily. Not able to visit the cemetery? We offer a "Walking Tour" video which provides a leisurely and informative stroll through the cemetery. It includes a view of both the most notable interments (gravestones) and the picturesque gardens. Please visit our Tour page for details on both personal visits and the "Walking Tour" video.